banned from an online bookmaker

See some useful information about online football betting account bans. Check out if this might be a risk for you and what to avoid not to get banned from your top favorite internet bookmaker.

Many people end up with ground casinos and switch to online casino experience mainly to avoid those embarrassing moments of being rejected from the luxurious casino entrances. But when it comes to sport bets the reasons why so many punters prefer the online bookmakers to offline betting houses are quite different. Although most of the conveniences related with online casinos refer to online football betting, too, there’s one big difference here.

There’s a bit possibility for you not to be allowed to enter an offline casino. However, there’s a big possibility to be banned from an online bookmaker, too!

And here’s what – we don’t even talk about some scams claiming to be fully licensed and regulated by the authorities. A trustworthy and legal bookie can ban you, too. And among the most drastic measures it can “prescribe” you is never to access its online football betting system again.

Here are the reasons why you might get a ban from an online bookmaker:

  1. You have more than one account in one bookmaker. Although it is kind of hard to achieve it, some players make it. They register different accounts – with different e-mails and from different IPs. However, eventually, when the moment for the account verification comes it gets clear what this punter actually did. Note that in these cases it is very possible for the punter to lose everything he or she has already won in the website.
  2. Using invalid and illegal software for automatic football bets. Please, be aware that not of these software products are not allowed. On the contrary, you will even see online football betting platforms, which promote their own products of this type. However, as long as the software is not certified you are not allowed to use in the website as it is considered as a security risk for the company.
  3. Upon your request. In case of a fraud – your account got stolen – you might require from the bookmaker’s customer support representatives to ban your account. Unfortunately, such cases are not rare at all. When an account is stolen you will see claims for withdrawals made, but not from you, as well as placed bets and active bet slips you haven’t registered with your own predictions. The quickest way to get rid of this mess is contacting the bookie via its website live chat.

If by any chance you have your account banned without doing anything illegal before that, contact the betting company’s customer support team. The faster you resolve the problem, the better and the safer for you. It’s in the traditional and modern today’s bookmaker’s practice to inform you about the company’s decision to ban your account in advance.