The history of gambling is full of interesting facts. In this article, we will tell you some of those interesting facts which really seem to just unbelievable sometimes.

Wife or betting chips

Though many of the people like to do gambling, no one can ever imagine using his wife as a betting chip in gambling. However, this incident happened in reality. In the great book of Mahabharata, there is one incidence in which a lady, named Draupadi was kept as the best in the ‘Chausath’ game played that time as a means of doing gambling. In that game, the husbands of Draupadi lost her that day and she got humiliated in front of many high ranked people. These whole incidents prepared the actual layout of the great war of Mahabharata about which this great book has been written.

Discovery of Sandwich

We all love to eat a sandwich but hardly anyone ever thought to know how the sandwich came into existence. Even if you never thought, let me tell you how this all could happen. In history, there was a gambler who was addicted to gambling very much. He was so addicted to gambling, that many times he didn’t eat food while gambling in long, long sessions. To overcome this situation his servant got an idea for him. He put some vegetables sandwiched between two layers of bread and gave him to eat so that he could eat that while gambling also. Since then, the sandwich has been used by all the people worldwide.

Reconstruction of the grand entry gate

Most of the people believe that gambling is largely dependent on luck and it gets influenced by the things we observe and do while gambling or being prepared for gambling. However, some people take it so much seriously that it results in the reconstruction of some grand things also. Las Vegas is known as the hub of gambling. The entry gate of Las Vegas was constructed in the form of a grand golden lion. Everyone was praising that, however, the Chinese gamblers were not happy with it. According to them, the entry through the mouth of some beast before gambling is not a charm of good luck but brings bad luck instead. Due to their thinking Royal Vegas Casino Y Apuestas, the entry gate was broken and then one new design was applied on that instead of the Golden Lion .