There are different versions of bingo that offer players real prizes and fun

Bingo is one of the most popular games of luck that you will find in gaming halls, casinos, and other venues. While the rules are pretty much the same, there are variations and differences between them. Below are the most common types and how they are played.

75 Ball Bingo

This game is quite popular with players in the U.S. and is also offered by major online casinos. Cards or tickets include 5 rows and 5 columns that make a grid of 25 squares. One number is assigned to each square so that a total of 25 numbers appear on each ticket. Ticket prices vary for the different bingo games and are typically displayed on the face of tickets. In online casinos, you can also check prices in the ticket area and the Purchase Tickets window. The number of tickets that you can buy varies but major operators allow players to buy 6 strips per game which makes for a total of 18 tickets. Customers are offered the chance to win a jackpot or prize, and there is a minimum guaranteed jackpot for each game. The actual jackpot depends on the number of players who join in and the number of tickets they purchase. The number of prizes varies and includes full house, pattern 2, full house/pattern 1, 1 line and full house/pattern.

30 Ball Bingo

Also called speed bingo because it is quick to play, this game variant includes just 30 balls. Unlike other types of bingo and popular games like dominoqq and keno that are offered online, you will rarely find online platforms that feature this variety. One of the reasons is that it is a newer kind and a quicker and smaller format than the 75 ball bingo. The ticket also has a smaller grid that has just 9 squares. Numbers from 1 to 30 are assigned on a random basis. The game is quite simple and easy given the small range of numbers. You typically need to mark off all numbers to win. Some online platforms offer tickets whereby players have to complete a certain pattern. You won’t find this variety at land-based casinos but it is a fun game to play on your tablet, phone, or another mobile device while out and about. What players like about it is speed meaning that you can play more games quickly. The fact that it is relatively new also makes it an attractive option to standard offerings.

Two other varieties are 90 ball and 80 ball bingo, the latter of which was specifically created to be played online. 90 ball bingo is a preferred game in countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom but can also be played through different online platforms. While there are 90 balls, this version is actually easier to play than other formats.