Poker is a very interesting game. Though it is a gambling game, people play it even just for time pass sometimes. If you too want to know and learn the way to play this game, you need to know some of its especially important terms. In this article, I will get to know a few of these particularly important terms. Let us know them one by one.

Hole cards

When all players around the table keep their bets on the betting areas, the dealer starts distributing two cards to each player.  These cards are face down and are known as the Hole cards.

Community cards

When the pre-flop round gets over, the dealer keeps three open cards on the table which can be used by every player to make the best hands. These cards are known as community cards as they can be used by everyone.

The turn

Just after one more round of the pre-flop that is called the post-flop, the dealer opens one more card on the table which can also be used by all the players. This fourth card is known as the ‘The Turn’.

The River

At the last, the dealer opens the last of the five community cards on the table. This last card is known as the ‘The River ‘. It can also be used by all the players.

Small blind

The person who sits just left of the dealer is known as the Small blind. Initially, the small blind starts the first betting by betting half of the minimum set betting.

Big blind

Just left of the Small blind, there is Big blind. The Big blind bet with the double bet of the Small blind.

Under the Gun

The person sitting next to the Big blind is known as under the Gun.


When the Player bet with the same amount which some other players bet before him, it is known as  call


The betting done with some increased amount than the previous one is known as the raise.

All in

When the player bets all the chips which he has, it is known as an all-in bet.


Above we discussed some key terms of poker which are very useful to learn this game. However, if you want to be the master of this game, along with learning more new words, you need to practise this game more and more.