Volatility In Slots

Are you interested in finding the risks and paying a range of an online slot game? Then read about slot volatility from this article.

Despite their initial fun nature, Slot games also require extensive research on slot volatility and RTP factors. Are you interested to know about slot volatility? Here is a small guide for you-

What is Slot Volatility? 

The slot volatility is the risk factor related to online slot games, which describes the rate of expected winning occurrences.

The volatility usually differs according to the nature of a game slot. The volatility factor is related to the game’s winning line and payout frequency. It also depends on the number of winning lines present in a single game.

Here is a simplified formula for your guidance-

Consider a game that has “X” winning tikes, and you have to place CI amount of bet per winning line. Let’s assume that “CO” is the total win per spin.

Here, SS of the sum of squares wins. It is related to 1 credit per pay line.

Hence, the slot volatility is= [SS-CO*2/CL]/CI

For example, you play a game with 20 cents with five pay lines. The total win is 2 dollars or 200 cents.


CI= 20*5=100

CO= 200

SW=[20, 100, 0, 40, …]= 202 +1002 + 02 +402 = 14000

Therefore, the slot volatility=[14000- 2002/80]/80=168.75

Types of Slots According to Volatility Level

The slots are usually divided into the following categories according to the volatility level-

Highly Volatile Slots

High volatile slots usually come with many jackpots and are usually high-rolling games. Such games usually have a few jackpots and the winning colors only a few times. If you are interested in taking risks and playing with big stakes while aiming for the grand jackpot, you can play highly volatile slot games. In general, progressive slot games are highly volatile due to their jackpot nature.

Medium-High Volatile Slots

Medium-high volatile slots are also high rolling slot games. But these games offer small winnings besides a grand jackpot. You can choose medium-high volatile slots to get frequent winnings while playing the game. This slot type also allows you to change between high and low bet amounts.

Medium Volatile Slots

Medium volatile clots usually come with smaller bet amounts and offer smaller winnings. Moreover, these games involve small to medium risks, including a jackpot.

Medium-Low Volatile Slot

Medium-low volatile slots are ideal for players who have been playing online games for a few months. Such games offer smaller and frequent winnings in small amounts and require fewer bets.

Low Volatile Slots

These lots are easiest to play and offer multiple small winnings after a few turns. Hence, you win more games even with a small bet amount. Choose low volatile slots if you aim for long session gambling with a restricted bankroll.


If you plan to win some ideal rewards while playing slot games online, you need to have a clear idea about slot volatility. Since slot machines come with a wide range of payouts, players need to find a perfect game for their expertise level.